For years I was an architectural designer by day and a drummer by night.  I have always been fascinated by drumming with a narrative - great grooves of course - but also timbres which create atmospheres, that help tell stories and bring tracks to life.  It didn’t matter so much whether it was Rock, Prog, Jazz, World or Classical - it was more about the sounds.

As I accumulated more and more drums and percussion, the idea grew to collect the tones I loved most into a multi-timbre hand drum.  The designer in me said it had to be a beautiful, ergonomic design that would fit in one case, rather than filling a car.  The drummer wanted a a lyrical and versatile instrument with global characteristics and unlimited combinations!

arcdrum And so the Arcdrum was born.  As it developed I asked players from rock, percussion and classical backgrounds to test the drum.  It was amazing to see them find their voice, and begin making their own distinctive music.  Their reactions were so positive I committed to working full time on the Arcdrum, to get the very best out of each element,  and make a delicious circle of sounds.

so... what does it mean?

four Ds

The Four D's signify four dimensions:

Drums - Ryhthm and Narrative
Design - Beauty and Innovation
Discovery - Exploration and Imagination
Dialogue - Culture and Collaboration

The Centre represents the Creative Spririt
- the inspiration for all of these elements


Terl is the Arcdrum’s first endorsee, and he has provided a wealth of advice and critique during the design process.  Terl’s wonderfully musical drumming graces two of my favourite albums - Iona’s Book of Kells and Beyond These Shores.  He has played for numerous artists, including John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Matt Redman and Barbara Dixon.  Terl is also the founder of Psalm Drummers.

Terl and Richard